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Elyria, OH

Alco is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision screw machine products, offering a wide range of high-quality components to various industries. With a strong emphasis on precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Alco has established itself as a trusted partner for companies seeking top-notch screw machine products and exceptional service.

Product Portfolio:

Alco specializes in the production of precision screw machine products, utilizing advanced machining technologies and techniques. Our extensive product portfolio includes a diverse range of components, such as screws, bolts, studs, nuts, fittings, bushings, and many other custom-designed parts. These products are manufactured with utmost precision, ensuring tight tolerances, consistent quality, and excellent performance.

Service Capabilities:

1. Customization: At Alco, we understand that each customer has unique requirements. We offer extensive customization options, working closely with clients to develop tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs. Our experienced engineers and technicians leverage their expertise to provide cost-effective and efficient manufacturing solutions.

2. Prototyping and Design Support: Alco takes pride in its ability to assist customers from the initial design phase to the final production of their screw machine products. Our team of skilled professionals collaborates closely with clients to optimize designs for manufacturability, providing valuable insights and technical expertise. We offer prototyping services to ensure that the final products meet the required specifications.

3. Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Alco maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with advanced screw machine technology. We leverage cutting-edge CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and automated processes to ensure precise and efficient production. This enables us to deliver high volumes of parts while maintaining exceptional quality and consistency.

4. Quality Assurance: Alco is committed to delivering products of the highest quality. Our quality assurance processes encompass rigorous inspections, strict adherence to industry standards, and the utilization of advanced measurement and testing equipment. We have implemented robust quality management systems to ensure that every product leaving our facility meets or exceeds customer expectations.

5. Competitive Pricing and Timely Delivery: Alco understands the importance of cost-effectiveness and timely delivery for our customers. We employ efficient manufacturing processes, streamlined supply chain management, and strategic sourcing to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our dedicated logistics team ensures on-time delivery, facilitating smooth operations for our clients.

Industries Served:

Alco serves a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, medical, defense, and many more. Our screw machine products find applications in various critical systems and components across these industries, where precision, durability, and reliability are paramount.


Alco is a trusted provider of precision screw machine products, offering customization, prototyping, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and stringent quality assurance. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and timely delivery, we have built long-standing partnerships with clients across diverse industries. Whether you require standard components or custom-designed solutions, Alco is your reliable partner for all your screw machine product needs.

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